Life Lately


Life’s been moving at a nice pace lately, and to even find myself saying this is a nice surprise.

It seems as though every time we talk about time we say “oh it is flying by”, but honestly I’ve been able to enjoy my days and time seems to be running on my side (usually, not when I have to study, then never enough time).

Because this is my senior year in college I got to take some crazy fun classes, basically stuff that I’ve wanted to do for a long time: learning French, learning the history of Rock, aaaaand… learning how to play piano. I’d post a video here showing how much of a prodigy I am, except I’m still learning how to play “Catch a Falling Star”. Videos will come, promise. 




Because of a minor accident I had to take a time out with working out, and found some fitness bloggers to follow in the meantime… Which got me thinking what is the relationship we have with the people we follow on Insta for inspiration. There are some people who have such an amazing voice on Instagram, including some bloggers from here like Cara and Swati Dixit from A Sip of Beauty.

Instagram has become a source of inspiration to me, but I always try and remind myself that what we put on there is a brand, not necessarily we know everyone’s histories because we’ve seen their pictures. Be the person a blogger or not.

This turned into a good reminder for me, online and offline: be kind to people. Act online as you would in real life.


All the love,




Let’s Talk

Living in Boston has its perks, winter snow storms are one of them. For pictures, because for anything else it doesn’t work as a perk, see: commute.

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Winter Storm Day equals…

  • Curling my hair with Conair Infiniti Pro Curl (curls lasted through the storm pictures, so you know it’s real)
  • Catching up on French homework (Je me détends tous les Samedis)
  • Watching Fixer Upper with Chip and Jojo!
  • Making sure my ankle is 100% better, I’m finally back to working out y’all!
  • Taking some time to think of habits that I currently have but that may not be helping me get to where I want to be. We all have those, and battling them is exactly this: a battle. Eating better and stressing out less (with others and myself) are two of mine.
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Boston keep being awesome ❤



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So I got into yoga and…

It changed my life.

Ok, not so dramatically, but it seems as though everyone who takes up practicing yoga says that. But it did change my perspective on my body and how I take care of it.

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I started practicing almost three years ago, both at home and at studios. Doing yoga for me is less about esthetics, and more about relaxing. It is fun to see how your body evolves as you practice more, don’t get me wrong, but yoga is great for my mind.

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Working on my headstand – it used to actually work!


One time I went into an yoga class very stressed, anxious and sad. The instructor then asked us to seat in silence and just observe where our mind was on, leave whatever was bothering us out of the room, and get back to our thoughts later. I did that. I focused on every instant of our practice and how my body was responding to the movements (sweating, a lot) and by the end of it, when I thought of my initial problem, it seemed so small, so not worth of me being stressed.

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I still practice at home too, and here’s how it goes: I have at least 4 apps I use for my yoga practice. My favorite one is Yoga Studio, which is a best seller on the App Store.

I usually do it in the morning too, it is such a GREAT way to wake up your body! I’d say that if you’re a beginner watching the tutorials in the app very carefully helps, and never overextend yourself. Yoga is about being in the moment and respecting your body.

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The Year Ahead


It’s been a while since I have been here. Why?

I had a bit of a crazy semester at school. And that is that.

Happy 2016 by the way! I missed reading the posts around here, and I miss posting as well. So my friends, it is good to talk to you again and I hope that in this New Year we can all find happiness and purpose in the things we do.

Here’s why I am so excited for 2016:

  1. Adele: she’s out with a new album and tour. Aaaaand I was able to score a ticket for her concert! Happy to say I won’t be one of those people selling it for $10,000, I plan to attend the concert.

    Credit: Vanity Fair
  2. Doing more yoga. Out of all of the workout that I do this is the one that has less to do with my body and more to do with my mind, truly one of the best things for me. More to follow. 
  3. Boston. 5 years living here and I grow more in love with this city every day.IMG_9526
  4. Jane the Virgin. Does anyone else watch this?! It is so funny, and the way they set up the show is so clever, I can;t wait til it returns next week!

    Credit: CW
  5. Friends. ❤IMG_9982

A happy happy happy happy new year to all of you!




Saturday could not come soon enough this week. It has been a challenging (and yet amazing) month for me here in Boston. Today is officially the first really cold day we have had so far and I am secretly happy.

My hair and all that humidity just don’t work well together. Sigh.

It has also been a busy month on my Instagram. From OOTDs, urban views, my daily coffee runs, to a reflection on beauty I have captured sneak peeks of my day to day life more than I expected.

This is a round up of some of my posts over there this past month!

Happy Saturday all you crazy people 😀


Champagne by the Courtyard (Or How to Act Like Grown Ups)

The post today starts with a story that seems out of a movie.

Here in Boston we have the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Gardner had an impressive art collection at her house, and decided to leave it for the public’s “education and enjoyment forever” in the form of a museum. But in 1990 there was theft at the museum where several invaluable paintings were robbed. A couple of Rembrandt’s amongst them. To this day you can walk into the museum and see the frames where the paintings used to be. Even though some say that is because Gardner stipulated in her will that nothing was to be changed in her house, the Museum holds hope that the paintings will someday return to their rightful home. I do too to be honest.

I went there last week with my friend Ma for an event called Third Thursdays, it happens every month and this time they collaborated with a jazz band from Roxbury.

Even though we both love museums, the main attractive was the champagne by the courtyard promise, not gonna lie.

The gardens and courtyard of this museum are beautiful, filled with works of art. It has that chic yet intellectual vibe that Boston oozes in these type of events – we are turning into grown ups people!

Isn’t Ma’s necklace amazing?! It’s also super unique, she bought it in the streets of Santorini when she was there last year.

The Gardner Museum is definitely worth a visit – even for college students like myself – because the house itself is a work of art!

I’ll see you soon,