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Hi how’s it going,

This is my second week of classes and I absolutely love everything that I’m studying now, French is a bit harder than last semester but still beautiful, Rock History is tons of fun, and Communication and Gender is intense, in a good way.

Aaaaaalso, it is cloddish here in Boston, which means more winter outfits! Not super cold so far that I need like, snow boots and an igloo, I’d say it’s lovely, right above/near zero degrees (in Celsius, for you guys that like Fahrenheit it’s 32F).

IMG_7699 copy

I found this skirt by accident while roaming the halls of Primark, the skirt is so comfortable and so easy to wear during colder months because of the fabric!

Mila edit1Walkingdownstairs

The shirt is from Brandy Melville, that store captured my heart this past year. Everything there is super basic, but feels great on your body. Their sizing is weird to say the least, but there are some good finds I swear.

miladownstairs copyringsmila_earrings_alt

I needed a coffee, or two, the day we took these pictures so hence me and my cup right there. And the pictures were taken by Alena Sison, check her website out!

Happy Sunday and may the Sunday Blues not get to you!


So I got into yoga and…

It changed my life.

Ok, not so dramatically, but it seems as though everyone who takes up practicing yoga says that. But it did change my perspective on my body and how I take care of it.

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I started practicing almost three years ago, both at home and at studios. Doing yoga for me is less about esthetics, and more about relaxing. It is fun to see how your body evolves as you practice more, don’t get me wrong, but yoga is great for my mind.

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Working on my headstand – it used to actually work!


One time I went into an yoga class very stressed, anxious and sad. The instructor then asked us to seat in silence and just observe where our mind was on, leave whatever was bothering us out of the room, and get back to our thoughts later. I did that. I focused on every instant of our practice and how my body was responding to the movements (sweating, a lot) and by the end of it, when I thought of my initial problem, it seemed so small, so not worth of me being stressed.

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I still practice at home too, and here’s how it goes: I have at least 4 apps I use for my yoga practice. My favorite one is Yoga Studio, which is a best seller on the App Store.

I usually do it in the morning too, it is such a GREAT way to wake up your body! I’d say that if you’re a beginner watching the tutorials in the app very carefully helps, and never overextend yourself. Yoga is about being in the moment and respecting your body.

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Bye bye beach, hello Boston



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Hi there!

Up until last week I was enjoying some warm weather, hence the summer look.

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But this week – today to be exact – I am starting school again here in Boston, and we’re back to rain, freezing temperatures and winter clothes. So worry not, looks with puffy jackets and lots of snow to come.

Not complaining to be honest, I love the weather in Boston.But starting the week remembering my vacation is a good way to stay motivated to accomplish my goals!

My one huge personal goal for the year so far is to stay healthy, which I’m doing pretty ok with so far. I hurt my ankle recently, so the exercising part of my staying healthy is on hold this week, except for doing a bit of yoga.

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But these days I read somewhere that we should think of “resolutions” for the New Year in terms of helping others too, we focus way too much on ourselves. This is the challenging part in my opinion.

Hope you guys have a great week ahead of you!




The Year Ahead


It’s been a while since I have been here. Why?

I had a bit of a crazy semester at school. And that is that.

Happy 2016 by the way! I missed reading the posts around here, and I miss posting as well. So my friends, it is good to talk to you again and I hope that in this New Year we can all find happiness and purpose in the things we do.

Here’s why I am so excited for 2016:

  1. Adele: she’s out with a new album and tour. Aaaaand I was able to score a ticket for her concert! Happy to say I won’t be one of those people selling it for $10,000, I plan to attend the concert.

    Credit: Vanity Fair
  2. Doing more yoga. Out of all of the workout that I do this is the one that has less to do with my body and more to do with my mind, truly one of the best things for me. More to follow. 
  3. Boston. 5 years living here and I grow more in love with this city every day.IMG_9526
  4. Jane the Virgin. Does anyone else watch this?! It is so funny, and the way they set up the show is so clever, I can;t wait til it returns next week!

    Credit: CW
  5. Friends. ❤IMG_9982

A happy happy happy happy new year to all of you!



The Necklace | Part 2

Maybe I’ll change the name of this blog to “OOTDs and Museums”, I have a thing with taking pictures at art museums and today’s OOTD is at the amazing Museum of Fine Arts in Boston ( ❤ )

My thought was to pair this necklace from Daily Opulence with a nighttime look. In the part one of this post I wore this statement piece with a daytime outfit so that the necklace could do the work of dressing it up for me. This time around I decided to wear this piece where I think it shines brightest: with a LBD.

I would totally wear this to go out clubbing/partying, but honestly it has become my go-to date night outfit. You know, for those nights when you want the person to be like WOW?! Yeah, and I think this dress + statement necklace (link to it here) does the trick.

I was gone for a little while due to a minor minor health thing, and I missed y’all 🙂

Hope you’re having a good Monday!



The Necklace | Part One

My passion for statement necklaces started with Blair Waldorf and it never fizzled out. The necklace styles that I like have changed though, lately it has been leaning towards more classic designs with an edge, and I usually prefer it to be made out of metal.

This necklace goes a step ahead and it looks like lace. If you have read this blog before you know lace and I are long time friends. This piece is from Daily Opulence, a new brand that I had the opportunity (and pleasure) of partnering with. They were so kind to send this necklace for review, but I was already in love when I first saw it on the website to be quite honest.

I liked Daily Opulence as a consumer and blogger for two main reasons. When I first checked their website I immediately thought of those cool girls who seem to always have a trendy and yet effortless style, one of my aspirations. And when I spoke to the women behind it I could actually connect to their vision of creating a project that speaks to people.

For those reasons I can say it has been a blast to partner with them. It is also important to me to choose partners and products that I am crazy about and an actual user of, and Daily Opulence fills in the criteria.

These pictures were taken in the Back Bay neighborhood in Boston ( ❤ ).

Some days (ok, most days) I just love to dress up during the daytime, and this necklace does the trick of making an outfit stand out while still being appropriate and not too blingy.

I wish I could wear these heels to class as well, but that would NOT fly with my classmates.

If you want to check out Daily Opulence you can use the code MILASAIDSO at checkout and get 10% off.

As always please do comment with suggestions.

Love love love,