Winter Blues

If you’re insanely happy that it’s Friday say HEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY

This week was long. And today to top it off I attempted to learn something at my piano class that my brain understands, but my fingers not so much. Piano can be stressful y’all.





I found these jeans at Primark, here in the US we only have one (and it’s in Boston, WHAT!!) and I had to swallow my words when I found these black jeans. Why? I had said to a friend I could never find clothes that I liked at Primark, only accessories/stuff for your home. Then those jeans fit me perfectly, and if you are petite you know the struggle is real when it comes to pants.

This is my comfy-yet-put-together winter outfit for when it’s not freezing, which was the case during picture day. It’s been uncommonly warm here in Boston. I swear.



My theory is that if you have a nice jacket and lipstick you can kind of get away with wearing anything and it will look nice.


IMG_8375 copy.jpg


Have a nice freakin’ weekend everyone, you deserve it!



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