Life Lately


Life’s been moving at a nice pace lately, and to even find myself saying this is a nice surprise.

It seems as though every time we talk about time we say “oh it is flying by”, but honestly I’ve been able to enjoy my days and time seems to be running on my side (usually, not when I have to study, then never enough time).

Because this is my senior year in college I got to take some crazy fun classes, basically stuff that I’ve wanted to do for a long time: learning French, learning the history of Rock, aaaaand… learning how to play piano. I’d post a video here showing how much of a prodigy I am, except I’m still learning how to play “Catch a Falling Star”. Videos will come, promise. 




Because of a minor accident I had to take a time out with working out, and found some fitness bloggers to follow in the meantime… Which got me thinking what is the relationship we have with the people we follow on Insta for inspiration. There are some people who have such an amazing voice on Instagram, including some bloggers from here like Cara and Swati Dixit from A Sip of Beauty.

Instagram has become a source of inspiration to me, but I always try and remind myself that what we put on there is a brand, not necessarily we know everyone’s histories because we’ve seen their pictures. Be the person a blogger or not.

This turned into a good reminder for me, online and offline: be kind to people. Act online as you would in real life.


All the love,




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8 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. great message love, be kind<3
    glad you're getting to enjoy your days though i'm sorry about your minor accident!
    I hope you have a great day : )

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, wait, you said Cara; that’s meeee! Lol, seriously, that was my second reaction and I had to doublecheck because I didn’t realize that was me you were talking about.
    Milaaaaa! Really surprised and honoured by what you wrote about me. Thanks so much.
    Beautiful Post with beautiful thoughts, I also really love instagram. I find so much inspiration there. And yeah, you are totally right, we must be kind. It’s beautiful to spread the love around. Have a nice day, beautiful!

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