Cafe Madeleine

What is the best way to start your day? Coffee.

What is the best way to spend your afternoon? At a coffee house.

I’m a big believer in both of these statements, and so today’s OOTD comes to you at one of the cutest coffee shops I have seen in Boston so far: Cafe Madeleine.


I was never big on wearing hats, but this floppy style makes me feel a cool-boho-chic-LA-girl kind of vibe (even though I live in a New England weather), so this winter me and my hat are really vibing.

I came back to Madeleine one of these days with a friend, and it has become one of my favorite spots already in Boston, but it is kind of tiny (which means no privacy), so my tour of coffee houses shall continue.

necklace detailIMG_8196IMG_8170IMG_8129HatexperimentIMG_8156shoes

The black-maroon-white-gray color palette also has become my best friend this winter, and YES for finding maroon leggings. It’s not pants you say? It’s ok, still makes me happy.

Photo cred: Alena Sison, look her up at

Hope you are all having such an amazing week!



PS: If you’re in Boston, the tile floors at Madeleine are SO Insta worthy!

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