The Necklace | Part 2

Maybe I’ll change the name of this blog to “OOTDs and Museums”, I have a thing with taking pictures at art museums and today’s OOTD is at the amazing Museum of Fine Arts in Boston ( ❀ )

My thought was to pair this necklace from Daily Opulence with a nighttime look. In the part one of this post I wore this statement piece with a daytime outfit so that the necklace could do the work of dressing it up for me. This time around I decided to wear this piece where I think it shines brightest: with a LBD.

I would totally wear this to go out clubbing/partying, but honestly it has become my go-to date night outfit. You know, for those nights when you want the person to be like WOW?! Yeah, and I think this dress + statement necklace (link to it here) does the trick.

I was gone for a little while due to a minor minor health thing, and I missed y’all πŸ™‚

Hope you’re having a good Monday!



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