The Necklace | Part One

My passion for statement necklaces started with Blair Waldorf and it never fizzled out. The necklace styles that I like have changed though, lately it has been leaning towards more classic designs with an edge, and I usually prefer it to be made out of metal.

This necklace goes a step ahead and it looks like lace. If you have read this blog before you know lace and I are long time friends. This piece is from Daily Opulence, a new brand that I had the opportunity (and pleasure) of partnering with. They were so kind to send this necklace for review, but I was already in love when I first saw it on the website to be quite honest.

I liked Daily Opulence as a consumer and blogger for two main reasons. When I first checked their website I immediately thought of those cool girls who seem to always have a trendy and yet effortless style, one of my aspirations. And when I spoke to the women behind it I could actually connect to their vision of creating a project that speaks to people.

For those reasons I can say it has been a blast to partner with them. It is also important to me to choose partners and products that I am crazy about and an actual user of, and Daily Opulence fills in the criteria.

These pictures were taken in the Back Bay neighborhood in Boston ( ❤ ).

Some days (ok, most days) I just love to dress up during the daytime, and this necklace does the trick of making an outfit stand out while still being appropriate and not too blingy.

I wish I could wear these heels to class as well, but that would NOT fly with my classmates.

If you want to check out Daily Opulence you can use the code MILASAIDSO at checkout and get 10% off.

As always please do comment with suggestions.

Love love love,


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27 thoughts on “The Necklace | Part One

  1. Mila, I’ve truly missed your posts!!! I have to catch up properly soon. ❤ (it's 12am here, hehe, night owl. Baby woke me up.)

    I'm happy to see you are going strong, and you are looking so gorgeous as usual! That's one beautiful necklace too. I'm hitting the markets of Accra tomorrow on a quest for these kinds of beauties. Wish me luck!

    Have a good week hun.
    PS. Why won't those shoes fly with your classmates?? I love them!

    Liked by 1 person

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