Anna Maria

Here comes the bride… JUST KIDDING! More than one person has told me that today’s OOTD dress looks like a wedding gown. It isn’t (unless Zac Efron calls me and wants to get married immediately, but that is another story).

I went to Anna Maria Beach this weekend to enjoy the sun one more time before I go back to Boston. This place reminds me of Caribbean beaches with that whole white-sands-blue-water kind of thing, you know?!

A huge plus: it’s never crowded, just a few families here and there. Which obviously helps if you are taking pictures looking like a bride-to-be.

I bought this dress a couple months ago not entirely sure of when and where I would use it, but it quickly became one of my favorite pieces within my wardrobe. White + Lace is my thing. The top is is structured so it holds everything into place, and I like that it is “short” but because of the lace it is still elegant.

My mother actually made the earrings I am wearing in this picture, it’s her hobby to make jewelry and I am a happy happy girl!

Scratches on my leg were a gift from Cookie – our puppy.

Hope you are having a great weekend, and if you are here in Florida watch out for Erika today!



PS: More pictures are up on my Instagram

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32 thoughts on “Anna Maria

  1. I think the dress is beautiful, it feels more like summer to me. 🙂 Also, your smile completed the outfit very nicely. 🙂 Regards and kudos to your lovely mother for the beautiful earrings!

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